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So you want to contact me? Are you sure? There's just a few things you have to consider before you email me, just so that you're not wasting both of our time. These are just some straightforward things you have to think about before you email me (which for the time being, is the only way you may contact me):

I don't read hate mail. If you choose to demonstrate your ignorance by sending me a hateful email, don't expect me to read it, or reply. I don't have time for bullsh!t.

I like to meet people with similar interests. I don't mind if you email me and introduce yourself or offer your feedback regarding the site, and/or any suggestions or questions about the site or questions about Lisa Marie Presley. These types of emails are very welcome. However, if you are not a Lisa Marie Presley fan, then there is probably very little we have in common, and I probably won't want to reply to your emails (what are you even doing here if you're not a Lisa fan? No.. actually, WHY AREN'T YOU A LISA FAN? Are you crazy?).

If you are Lisa Marie Presley, PLEASE EMAIL ME. I don't care what you wanna tell me. Tell me what you think of the site. Tell me about the colour of your nailpolish.. I don't care what you tell me, AS LONG AS YOU TELL ME SOMETHING. =0) I know you lurk around these sites, so please hit me up some time..

Read a little about me and then decide if you still want to contact me:

My name is Dorin. I'm better known online as Hoju. I'm female, and I live in Sydney, Australia. I'm a student. I like designing websites, graphix, artwork and I'm also somewhat of a writer. I love most music. I love independent films. I love my webcam.

I've been a Lisa Marie fan since 1997 and after recently hearing her sing, I am eagerly anticipating her upcoming debut album. I think Lisa is one of the most beautiful people alive, and she has one of the best voices I have ever heard. I also have a lot of respect for her due to her humanitarian efforts towards children and the needy.

still wanna email me? ok.